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Holistec is more than a tech academy. It is a personal accelerator that equips students with the necessary tools and mindset to reach their full potential and find peace.


Our academies are in London and Barbados where we are working with the Government to drive edtech and innovation.

A holistic approach to STEAM education

Our Three-Pillar Approach

Motivated by the shortcomings of the conventional educational system, underserved tech industries and record-high mental problems; we developed a powerful three-pillar approach in which tech skills are the primary focus, underpinned by mindfulness and entrepreneurship.

Our tech courses include 3D printing, rocketry and cyber security. They cover the STEAM curriculum and were crafted with award-winning ed-tech companies.

We are certified to deliver the the leading mindfulness curriculum in the UK with backing from Oxford Mindfulness Centre at Oxford University, whilst our entrepreneurial program is in collaboration with leading think-tanks, universities and innovators.

In line with our mission and values, we will continue refining our model to ensure our students live a life that is fulfilling, impactful and positive.

The Holistec Experience


An engaging environment promoting diversity and self-development - enabling all to thrive

Team & Tutors

Our adult tutors are carefully selected for their outstanding expertise and enthusiasm, whilst our board and advisors consists of accomplished entrepreneurs, executive leaders and distinguished academics.


Our campus was built as a tech-hub and serves as an exciting environment where students, makers and entrepreneurs live and work, collaborating, sharing ideas and best practices. 


Maker Mile is one mile radius of over 50 start-ups, maker spaces and mini factories, generating a thriving hub of creativity. It was launched in September 2015 with the support of Human Cities through the Creative Europe programme of the EU.


We incorporate nutrition and fun outdoor activities into our curriculum. We also believe in the power of giving and radical self- reliance, through working with charities and community projects.

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