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Mindfulness in Education

Mindfulness and meditation exercises are helping the next generation get an edge in the classroom.

Here's what the science says:

Improved Test Performance

One study showed a mindful group did 15% better than their peers. In a separate study, 41% of meditating middle schoolers taking a state standardised maths test improved by at least one level.

More Self-control

Just 3 years after a troubled middle school introduced a ‘Transcendental Meditation Program’, suspensions dropped from 28% to 4% and teacher turnover plummeted.

Fewer ADHD Symptoms

Eight weeks of mindfulness and yoga resulted in fewer ADHD symptoms and less hyperactivity - and the effects lasted for months afters the program ended.


Better Mental Health

9 lessons of a mindfulness program led to lower depression scores, less stress and improved well-being in British kids ages 12 to 16, compared with students who didn’t participate.

Increased Kindness

4th and 5th graders participating in a mindfulness and kindness program showed better social behavior than their peers, were less aggressive and better liked.

Enhanced Focus

Teachers at an elementary school in Richmond, California reported better focus, self-control, class participation and peer respect in kids who followed a mindfulness program.



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