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Our Entrepreneurial Curriculum

Holistec Academy is a personal accelerator® – inspiring, developing and integrating entrepreneurship, mindfulness and technical skills. Unlike other programs for young entrepreneurs, Holistec’s is based on a strategic framework bridging soft skills and hard skills designed to enable effective innovation by our entrepreneurs.

Successful entrepreneurship is based on seven key virtues which Holistec knows how to unleash and optimize within individuals, teams and enterprises of all kinds (commercial, social, charitable, governmental, and networks).


Mind Set

Starting with their own psyche, the starting point for entrepreneurial spirit is the restless dissatisfaction and desire to create value – the entrepreneur’s ‘driven mindset’.



All great things start with ideas, and then their development through connection with other ideas. Building and drawing on mindset, we develop creativity – not only the critical ability to generate and develop ideas, but also how and where to look for ideas, and to engage others in creation processes.



The ability to attract, motivate and empower resources to successfully drive your ideas into reality. We develop leaders who can responsibly empower, engage and direct resources to focus on achieving positive transformation and engagement of key stakeholders.



Selecting and engaging the right partners to help you along the way and share your journey to success. Our entrepreneurs learn the vital importance of collaboration, and how to recruit and engage the right partners in search of win-win success.



How to influence with integrity is vital to engaging key stakeholders, selling your ideas, and winning. We build communication skills, vital to effective pitching, marketing, selling and influencing.



How are you going to make the world a better place, and what SMART goals define your path to success? Our entrepreneurs learn how to develop a clear vision – or constellation of goals that define their ambition – their personal definition of success.



Their vision is tied to their overarching sense of purpose – their reason to exist – their passion and doing what they love. And of course, the passion loops back, connecting with their driven mindset.

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Innovation Agendas

Beyond working on their own psyche, our entrepreneurs learn to develop and implement strategies to engage and drive teams and enterprises. All of this is focused on the essential purpose of all entrepreneurship – innovation, and the specific ‘agendas’ that drive it.

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