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How to Preserve the Early Excitement of STEAM

1. Holiday-themed projects

Kids all ages love the holiday time. With Christmas around the corner, students can become inspired and use their creative and artistic skills to participate in Christmas-themed STEAM projects. Students can participate in winter themed STEAM activities as well. Pi Day is also a holiday where students can create specific-themed projects. Projects can be suited for students of all levels and abilities.

2. STEAM reading

Instead of simply teaching STEAM to students, encourage them to read books involving the different components of STEAM and have them to talk to their peers about it. Although reading aloud may often be overlooked by teachers as students grow older, this practice may be helpful in inspiring older STEAM learners. Even if teachers can’t find a book that incorporates all of the elements of STEAM, the combination of reading and STEM seamlessly integrates the “A” in STEAM. Students can take what they learn from the book and make a project out of it. This will encourage creativity and open up their minds to the many possibilities of STEAM education..

3. Encourage Collaboration

One way to inspire secondary schoolers is to have them work together to complete projects. Every student has a different skill set, and students can learn a whole lot from their peers. Assigning individual projects to students may seem daunting. However, assigning group projects will ease this anxiety and make the students more excited about STEAM learning. Some students may think more logically and be better at maths and science, while others may have more of a creative mindset and will excel in art. Combining these types of students will encourage them to learn from each other and bring their thoughts into fruition.

These are just a few tips to preserve early STEAM excitement in older students, but there are many other ways to accomplish this. Coming up with projects that are collaborative and interdisciplinary, but are also creative and incorporate STEAM standards is a way to start.