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STEAM Education

Our tech classes focus on developing the technical and creative capabilities of the inventors, tinkerers and pioneers of tomorrow. They cover the STEAM curriculum in a fun, hands-on environment taught by enthusiastic experts. These include:

Learn the principles of aerodynamics and getting into space by creating, testing and launching your own rockets. 

Learn to code in Python using the OCR-endorsed (Oxford, Cambridge, RSA) educational ecosystem with the use of the Raspberry Pi. 

Construct a 3D model from your imagination and use a 3D printer to bring it to life. 

Understand the fundamentals of the video game pipeline in this introductory course which covers game theory, games aesthetics and games programming. 

Hands-on projects inspiring kids to get involved with renewable energy, including wind, solar and hydropower. 

Includes 3D-printed hydroponic food farms, air and water purity projects. 

Holistec teamed up with Cyber Girls First in collaboration with British intelligence agency GCHQ to provide cyber security classes and recruit more people into the profession. 

Learn to design, build and pilot your own drone that you take home in a course that takes you through computer-aided design (CAD), 3D-printing, electronics and coding. 

Delve into a combination of mechanics, electronics and coding to build your very own robotic arm.