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Multidisciplinary team with strong sector experience bringing in focussed skills and capabilities.

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Matthew Springer


Founder & CEO

WEF Global Shaper with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the UK. He launched his first business at 14, and founded two ecommerce companies in law school with sales to 60+ countries. He has worked directly with leading companies within education, tech, crypto-currency, telecommunications, food and hospitality. Experienced in venture formation, fundraising, partnerships, operations, IP, branding, marketing, SEO, and PR. Matt is passionate about A.I, sustainability, and wellness.

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Chloe Walker


Chloe has received several scholarships and awards in her academic career, including; The Barbados Government Scholarship, The University of the West Indies Graduate Scholarship and the Rhodes Scholarship. She also read for an MSc in African Studies at Oxford University where she received the Terence Ranger Prize for Outstanding Dissertation performance in 2015 for her work on public-private partnerships in Uganda.

Head of Education

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Serena Ricci


Partnerships & Business Growth Manager

Serena is a consultant and edtech leadership coach skilled in communication and business strategy, She has also organised the Oscars of Education (aka Reimagine Education Awards & Conference) since 2015, and this allowed her to build a fast-growing, global community of 37,000 edtech and Higher Education innovators & passionates. She connects educational innovators (educators or companies) with edtech investors, policy-makers, and institutions seeking solutions that are enhancing students learning outcomes and employability.

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Mitul Thobani


Head of Strategy

Active in the technology sector for over 25 years during which time he has experienced the full lifecycle of digital projects within startups’ and enterprises in sectors across Government, Digital Media, Education and Finance. His current focus is building an EdTech accelerator in partnership with the Varkey Group as well as running his own entrepreneurial academy in the UK for youth aged 16+. Over the years he has gained meaningful insights into the factors that are fundamentally required to shape an entrepreneurial mindset and key for him is the ability to bring people together to work as a collective, achieve their potential and support them to make a sustainable impact in the world through technology, social startups and mindfulness.

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