Welcome to Holistec's Mindfulness Workshops, where we provide a diverse range of tailored programs designed to immerse participants of all ages in the world of mindfulness. Our offerings encompass After-school Classes, Weekend Workshops, Summer Camps, and One-Hour Introduction Classes, each tailored to promote the principles and practices of mindfulness in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Our After-School Classes offer a wonderful opportunity for students to unwind and refocus through mindfulness techniques, providing them with tools to manage stress and foster emotional well-being amidst their busy academic schedules.

Our Weekend Workshops, designed for both youths and adults, offer a deeper exploration into mindfulness practices, serving as a restorative retreat to rejuvenate mind and body at the end of a bustling week.

Our Summer Camps create a unique blend of fun, interactive activities and mindfulness training, offering young minds a beneficial and enjoyable vacation experience.

Lastly, our One-Hour Introduction Classes are designed as the perfect starting point for those new to mindfulness, offering a quick yet comprehensive insight into the fundamental techniques and benefits.

At Holistec, our aim is to make mindfulness accessible and engaging for all, fostering a community of mindful learners and practitioners ready to embrace the challenges of the 21st century with resilience and calm. Discover the power of mindfulness with us!

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